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ÓcabrazÓka borrows the concept of Oca/Oka from the Tupi-Guarani, one of the four major language families of tropical and equatorial South America, and which has had a vast influence on the development of the Portuguese spoken in Brazil since its ‘discovery’ (sic) in 1500.

Set up in January 2017 in Hastings/St Leonards to promote the Brazilian culture in its widest definition, ÓcabrazÓka is a community organisation open to all for celebrating and sharing the diversity of the Brazilian cuisine, regional music and dance, folklore, drumming, capoeira and other aspects of our culture.

We believe that we all benefit by understanding a bit more about each other, and the value and importance of our similarities and differences in creating a vibrant, accepting and united community.

ÓcabrazÓka is the home of all things Brazilian; our great Oca for everyone to come together and be merry.

For more information on ÓcabrazÓka’s events and activities and how to get invoved, please find us on Facebook: facebook.com/Ocabrazoka/

The Home of All Things Brazilian
Registered address: The Old Chemist Studio, 4A Silchester Rd, St Lonards, TN38 0JB


Oca /əʊ.kə/ noum. M16.
[var. oka Old Tupi, arch.]

1 House, hut, shack, shelter, dwelling, casa.
2 Great home, communal household, large abode.
3 A place for sharing, a space for all.
4 A location to rest, play, and enjoy together.

Oca is the typical living space of the Indians of the Tupi-Guarani lineage from the Amazon Basin and the tropical coastal areas of Brazil. They are large constructions with a structure built using tree trunks and bamboo, and thatched with straw and palm leaves, reaching up to 40m in length. They contain no internal divisions, only a large central communal area that usually houses several families who sleep in hammocks. The construction process is also communal (mutirão) and often carried out as a great feast of labour and merriment, a celebration of togetherness enjoyed by all, who unite to rejoice in the creation of another home for the entire community, not only for those who will live in it.

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ÓcabrazÓka's Hastings BrasilFest 2017 Celebrating the merriment of Brazilian togetherness

10th & 11th June 2017

Hastings and St Leonards are in for a summertastic treat over this (hopefully!) warm June weekend: ÓcabrazÓka is hosting BrasilFest, where the Brazilian culture is celebrated in its widest-ranging definition of tradition and geographic reach: music, art, dance, film, and food from the four corners of this continental nation. Come to explore and take part in the workshops on folklore, drumming, Capoeira; savour the great cuisine from Junior’s Brazilian Café (Hastings), have a Guaraná (Brazil’s favourite fizzy-pop) or some coconut water, a Caipirinha “like you’ve never experienced before”, and enjoy the ever-present Brazilian excuse for having a good time.

Our main event will be held as part of The Stade Saturdays programme, in the picturesque surroundings of Hastings Old Town’s Stade Open Space and Stade Hall. Presenting a series of family orientated interactive activities which focus on some lesser-known aspects of the Brazilian culture inherited from the pre-Colombian aboriginal peoples, the African diaspora and the extravagance of a multitude of regional Carnavais (Carnivals), we’ll open our Oca and let everyone in!

At the heart of BrasilFest are the acrobatics and rhythms of Dendê Nation (Hastings/London), an exclusive travelogue-concert of traditional music by the international duo Andrade/Adewali (Spain/London) and the energetic colours of the dance troupe BRAZILIS (London). The day will be all about getting everyone involved, sharing and showcasing some amazing art, which will culminate with a multi-rhythm performance, and a big Festa (party), of course.

BrasilFest will take over the town across several venues, with events and activities for all. Come and join us in this celebration of Brazilian togetherness and merriment!
For full programme, please find us on Facebook: facebook.com/Ocabrazoka/

  • ÓcabrazÓka’s Hastings BrasilFest 2017 - PROGRAMME

    Saturday 10th June 2017

    Stade Open Space and Stade Hall, 2-7pm
    Rock-a-Nore Road, Hastings, TN34 3FJ.

    2:00-4:00pm Workshops and Arts and Crafts
    • Drumming and build your own percussion instrument
    • Costume making – recycle & upcycle
    • Capoeira practice and fun
    • Brazilian Rythms and moves
    Come, take part, make your instrument, dress up and play, dance, move, smile, and join in the Óca’s Grande “Roda de Capoeira”.

    4:00-4:30pm Grande “Roda de Capoeira”

    4:45-6:00pm Performances by Marcelo Andrade & Adriano Adewale, BRAZILIS (Gladyslatinart) and Dendê Nation
    • Brazilian Aboriginal Peoples
    • The African Diaspora
    • Carnival Extravagance

    6:00-7:00pm Togetherness Festa

    ÓcabrazÓka's Brazilian Cine Fest 2017
    Electric Palace 39A High Street, Hastings, TN34 3ER

    Tropicalia (2012)
    Tropicália is one of Brazil’s most significant cultural movements. Born in the late 1960s it used music and visual arts as a voice to confront the cultural and political establishment. This vibrant documentary explores this era-changing time in Brazil’s history with material lovingly gleaned from the archives, stunning images, and the testimony of the group’s protagonists including Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, Arnaldo and Sérgio Dias, from the band Os Mutantes.

    “Saideira” (one for the road) at Junior’s
    Junior’s Brazilian Café, 43A George Street, Hastings, TN34 3EA

    It’s exactly what it says on the tin: an after-show party with Brazilian tunes, visuals, and more Caipirinha!

    Sunday 11th June

    Day-time event in St Leonards-on-Sea (details TBC)

    ÓcabrazÓka's Brazilian Cine Fest 2017,
    Electric Palace 39A High Street, Hastings, TN34 3ER

    SLIFF/Curta8 – Super8 in Brazil plus ÓcabrazÓka BrasilFest Closing Party
    Working in collaboration with Curta8 - www.curta8.com.br, the biggest super8 film festival in Latin America, the St Leonards International Film Festival (SLIFF) is proud to host an evening of exciting, poetic, musical, inspiring and fresh ‘reel’ cinema: the best of Brazil’s recent super8 productions. Followed by ÓcabrazÓka’s Caipirinha Party!

    Tickets £10 includes a complimentary Caipirinha cocktail.